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Hong Kong’s ViuTV Upgrades Its Audio and Prepares for an IP Future with Calrec


HEBDEN BRIDGE, Inggris, MUNGKIN 21, 2019 — Hong Kong free-to-air broadcaster ViuTV is preparing itself for an audio-over-IP future with the purchase of an Artemis Light console, a Brio12, a Brio36 and AoIP interfaces from Calrec. ViuTV produces a range of entertainment shows and is especially known for its small-scale live performances and talk shows.

“The consoles are incredibly user-friendly, vital when being used by a range of operators across a variety of outputs,” says Mike Lau, Assistant Vice President of Production and Facilities at ViuTV. “They are very reliable with great sound quality. We also wanted to be able to satisfy our current networking requirements while also preparing ourselves for an IP future as that transition occurs across our wider infrastructure. Calrec’s technology and after-sales service gave us confidence in making this change.”

The Artemis Light is housed in Studio 1, which is used for general entertainment content as well as game shows and live performances. The Brio36 is being used for talk shows in Studio 2 with the Brio12 in Studio 1 acting as a backup. MADI and Dante are used by the broadcaster: the former for intercom connectivity and the latter for connection to a live PA mixing console, for multi-track recording and wireless mike connections.

Commissioning, consultation and additional support was handled by Calrec’s official Hong Kong distributor, Jolly Pro Audio.

“As a new customer, ViuTV was looking for a fresh and modern audio setup that will help them transition to an IP-based environment,” says Calrec International Sales Manager Anthony Harrison. “Helping broadcasters make that transition has been central to our product roadmap for some considerable time. We’re also very pleased that ViuTV recognizes the quality of our consoles and the service that we’ve provided, in combination with Jolly Pro Audio.”

Tentang Kami Calrec Audio Ltd

Calrec Audio secara eksklusif didedikasikan untuk keunggulan dalam pencampuran audio untuk produksi langsung dan hidup. Seorang spesialis siaran selama lebih dari 50 tahun, Calrec telah mengembangkan berbagai konsol digital yang diandalkan oleh penyiar paling sukses di dunia. Konsol yang semakin banyak merupakan komponen integral pada jaringan seluruh fasilitas, sehingga menghasilkan alur kerja yang dapat disesuaikan, sumber daya yang dapat dibagikan, dan kemampuan untuk diperluas dengan mudah. Sejak awal, Calrec telah menciptakan solusi inovatif yang memungkinkan penyiar untuk mengembangkan metode kerja mereka dan mendapatkan nilai yang lebih besar dari peralatan mereka. Untuk solusi audio premium, para penyiar menaruh kepercayaan mereka pada Calrec. Informasi lebih lanjut tersedia di

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